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Cook Book Mock Up

After a successful project that reimagined a movie poster based on Stanley Kubrick’s iconic horror film, “The Shining.” The project received an enthusiastic response, with one particular comment sparking the next chapter in this creative adventure. The original poster, titled “Shined On,” was a playful yet eerie homage to “The Shining,” featuring a woman depicted […]

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The Shined On

Recently, a friend of mine, who is deeply immersed in the fascinating realm of AI art, shared a captivating AI-generated image of herself. This image sparked a sense of excitement and inspiration, leading me to embark on a unique creative journey that was built upon a previous project. A while back, I had the pleasure […]

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Graphic Design and AI Imagery

Why Choose Cruos? At Cruos, we are merging the artistry of graphic design with the boundless possibilities of artificial intelligence. Captivate your audience, and redefine visual excellence with our seamless blend of creativity and cutting-edge technology. Innovation at Every Pixel: Harness the latest in graphic design and artificial intelligence to stay ahead in an ever-evolving […]

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