The Dark Knight

This was an interesting piece to create. I started with a picture that was the complete opposite: an angel, given to me by a friend who asked me if I could create a dark version for them. With the use of correction layers in Photoshop and a lot of masking, I took the image to where I wanted regarding colour. I used some stock images I have and extracted parts of them to form the body and the face. Once this was done I used FireFly to bring it together part by part with a couple of areas going through a few iterations before I was happy.

Then it was the turn of Boris FX to take the image to the next step; colour grading, film effects, lighting, render objects, masking and photographic filters. The result was then passed back into Photoshop for the final task and then time to walk away. After an hour or two I came back to the image and saw a few things I wanted to correct. Once done I found the result I wanted.